Paddling & Boating

Since we began as a coalition of dragon boaters, Guardians of Flushing Bay has always used human-powered boating as one method to build relationships with local communities and ecology. We believe in and have witnessed the value of connecting people to their local waterbodies, whether it is for recreation, education, or advocacy.


Using species identification tours as an organizing tool, GoFB calls attention to the relationship between residential displacement and threatened wetland ecologies. Beginning in February 2021, GoFB, Flushing Anti-Displacement Alliance, and the Urban Studies Department at Queens College organized monthly "bioblitz" tours to identify and document Flushing Creek species using iNaturalist. Through the bioblitz events, we are able to highlight the area's existing and robust ecology—ecology that will be impacted by approved and proposed shoreline development—while also bringing attention to luxury developments slated for the waterfront. Check out this storymap to learn more about our efforts

Walking Tours

GoFB frequently partners with Cody Herrmann, a GoFB board member and social-practice artist, on her walking tours of the west side of Flushing Creek. Starting at Mets-Willets Point, Cody guides attendees through the Willets Point redevelopment project and discusses the project's impact on immigrant-owned small businesses and the ecology that thrives at the shoreline. The tour continues through Willets Point and ends at the Van Wyck Expressway, highlighting issues of accessibility and the difficulty of getting to Flushing Creek. 

If you would like to schedule a walking or boating tour, contact our Community Stewardship Coordinator at