GOFB in the News

Fall 2018: environmental and community concerns of the PANYNJ's LGA AirTrain proposal are brought to the fore. 

September 2018: we held our first Flushing Bay Fall Festival where participants could dragon boat, go on a walking tour with local historian Jack Eichenbaum, watch international environmentalist Dhruv Boruah pick up trash while cycling on water, and learn more about local organizations!


Spring 2017: we held our first 5K Fun Run as a fundraiser, running the length of the Flushing Bay Promenade. 


August 2017: there was a major fish kill in Flushing Creek and Flushing Bay, where thousands of menhaden washed up on the shores. This happened after a week of rain storms, and water quality was certainly suffering from CSOs. However, the NYC Department of Environmental Protection insists it was not pollution that killed the fish. 

2016: two barges were abandoned in Flushing Bay, leaving behind chunks of styrofoam that ended up on the shorelines and broke into smaller and smaller pieces, making it hard to remove. Working closely with Riverkeeper and Congressman Crowley, the Army Corps of Engineers finally removed the barges. 

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