Field Station for Flushing Bay & Flushing Creek

Guardians of Flushing Bay is a community partner in the Queens Museum's Year of Uncertainty (YoU), a framework for strengthening connections between the Museum and Queens communities, focusing on new possibilities for culture and mutual support. Centered around themes of Care, Repair, Play, Justice, and The Future, YoU explores different ways for institutions to support individuals and publics navigating a world that is constantly shifting. 


Launched in March 2021, YoU involves nine community partners across Queens, six Artists-in-Residence, and twelve Co-Thinkers. Through YoU, GoFB has had the pleasure to work closely with Tecumseh Ceaser on projects that examine what it means to be a good guest on indigenous land, co-inhabitants with non-human species, and good stewards for our waterways and watershed communities. GoFB has also collaborated with Tali Keren/Alex Strada and Tecumseh on a workshop about the rights of wetlands from a legal and indigenous lens.

From October 2021 to January 2022, the Museum will host GoFB’s “Field Station for Flushing Bay & Flushing Creek”, an exhibit that highlights GoFB’s approach to being a steward of Flushing Waterways. The exhibit is a culmination of hours of brainstorming sessions, workshops, and collaborations with the Museum and its artists.


Photo by Madeleine Pryor

Photo by Madeleine Pryor

Photos by Rachel Wu