About Us


Guardians of Flushing Bay is a coalition of dragon boaters, local residents, and environmental enthusiasts with a shared vision of a clean, healthy Flushing Bay that is open and accessible to the public.

Guardians of Flushing Bay (GOFB) was founded in 2015. The group originated from the "Green Team" of the Empire Dragon Boat Team, a team of cancer survivors, which recognized the importance of green initiatives for Flushing Bay such as shoreline clean ups, water quality testing, and oyster cage stewardship. The Green Team reached out to other dragon boat teams, partners in the neighborhood, and city-wide clean water advocates. That group of committed individuals and organizations ultimately formed the Guardians of Flushing Bay. Today, the core leadership includes members from Empire Dragon Boat Team, Wall Street Dragons, DCH Dragons, Women in Canoe, Metro Athletic Dragons, XTREME Dragon Boat Team and Tempest Dragon Boat Team, as well as representatives from Riverkeeper, SWIM Coalition and the neighborhoods surrounding Flushing Bay. We work in alliance with the New York Department of Parks and Recreation.

GOFB is incorporated in the of New York as a non-profit corporation and has obtained federal tax exempt 501(c)(3) status.